Gilbert Brenot

Executive Chef

Brenot trained at the culinary school in Capbreton, France and then made his way to the French Riviera for six years. In 1980 he landed at the legendary Paris Bar in West Berlin, before leaving for New York City in 1982.  It was there that Gilbert first became an executive chef with the opening of Zinc in Tribeca before departing for Cleveland in 1984.

In 1998, Gilbert took over as the chef and owner of Maxi’s in Cleveland’s Little Italy. He would remain there the next 15 years before retiring in 2013.  Brenot came out of retirement to be the opening executive chef at EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant Institute. There, Brenot was able to cook his most important recipe yet: a second chance for his students.  He is extremely happy to be back with the team to open Sérénité Restaurant, where he can continue to mentor and nurture the growth of our future chefs.